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We're dedicated to providing a comprehensive and immersive experience of the Afro-Creole culture in New Orleans. Join us and discover the heart and soul of this vibrant and unique city.

About US

2nd Line Tours was established in 2017. It is a tour company in the Greater New Orleans area that provides tours to locals and visitors.For us, we’re consider ourselves to be in the business of entertainment and thankfully there’s so much to see down in New Orleans. From our favorites spots and the people along the way, these diverse destinations will have you captivated from beginning to end.Book your visit today and join us on a once in a lifetime tour.

About US

Since 2017, founder Dennis M. has taken tourists on the ride of a lifetime with his red-carpet tours that give you the real deal of authentic NOLA.

Unlike other companies, 2nd Line Tours offers a one-of-a-kind guide that caters to the true foundation of New Orleans culture and growth. Providing guests with the Afro-Creole experience, we highlight moments in history that make NOLA what it is today. Mix that in with some spirits, fun, and energy, and it’s no wonder people name us the best tour ride in the city.

We love nothing more than to meet people visiting New Orleans for the first time, and especially the opportunity to give back to a city that has given so much to us. This is our home, and everything we are is because of what we have experienced and learned right here in The Big Easy.


At 2nd Line Tours, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive and immersive experience of the African culture in New Orleans Join us and discover the heart and soul of this vibrant and unique city. Our Tours takes you on a journey through the streets of the city.


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Visitors can choose and book from a variety of tours offered: infamous Celebrity, Urban Cultural City, and our best-selling customer favorite nighttime Spirits & Spirits Tour. 2nd Line Tours has created a unique New Orleans tour experience suitable for every age

Client Reviews

Danene A. Bakersfield, CA

Our man Jay took care of us our entire trip. He was knowledgeable on the history of all of New Orleans but also showed us the best time ever! Thank you 2nd Line. We will be back.

Fred N. Gaithersburg, MD

The tour with Dennis was top notch and he made it extremely special, allowing us to participate in the parade and the whole nine yards. We had a very good time and the tour was very touching. Very very nice Dennis! Thank you for a great tour!

Marcus N. Centennial, Portland, OR

J A Y held it down !! If you a real one looking for a real good, genuine, and authentic tour of the city then hit this place y'eard'mae ! Straight up beybeyyy. So much history and culture to the city, its a must that you dig into the roots to truly appreciate what you are experiencing.


Dennis was awesome! Thank you for the great tour last night! I learned so much about the history of NOLA. You have to take one of there tours so awesome.

Margarita B. Cary, NC

This was a wonderful and cultural touring experience!! It's Black owned. When you visit New Orleans please contact Jay for a real and interesting tour of the city. He is the person that will teach his personal feel of NOLA!!We had so much fun!!! Thanks Jay!!!

A J. Lawrenceville, GA

Best. Tour. Ever. Very in depth and true experience based tour. Dennis was on point with all of his stops and definitely worth the price!!!!

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"Explore New Orleans in style with our private custom tours in a black Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Tailored to your interests and needs, our personalized itineraries will take you on a unique journey through the city's rich history, food, and music scene. Let us show you the best of NOLA on your own terms."
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As one of our best-selling tours, we hit the streets after dark to show you some of NOLA’s top haunted spaces and, of course, the Cities of the Dead.
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