Spirits-N-Spirits™ Tour

The Mysteries and Secrets Experience

• "Cities of the Dead"                 • Haunted Locations
• Voodoo Experience • Cocktail Stops


2nd Line Tours' Spirits-N-Spirits™ Tour allows you to experience real spirit encounters that you will never forget.

Learn about the hidden mysteries and secrets of Voodoo. Experience the power of the Voodoo ritual with the current Voodoo Priest.
Tour starts at 8pm
Pickup: 7:25pm-7:45pm

Spirits-N-Spirits™ Tour

2nd Line Tours' Spirits-N-Spirits™ Tour offers a night tie expereince where you can enjoy your choice of cocktails or spirits while visiting the "Cities of the Dead" and other haunted places.

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Tour Details

Start Location

Address: 1407 Canal Street, New Orleans
(We Dat's Chicken and Shrimp)
Email: morgandennis5040@gmail.com 

Tour Dates and Times

    1. Monday, Wednesday-Sunday (CLOSED Tuesday)

Hotel Pickup: 7:30PM-7:45PM; Tour Starts 8:00PM

Tour Prices

Adults: $49.00 USD; Children: $39.00 USD